A really thin short term, one ever-expanding team, tons of color and a lot of do-it-yourself. Generally, this characterizes the interior design work of this spacious office in the center of Varna. The dynamic business environment of our clients - successful and extremely competitive young people in the field of tourism put them in a situation where we had to make the right decisions as quickly as possible. The new and spacious open-space office offered a number of possibilities, but also limitations, taking into consideration an exact number of staff it needed to accommodate.

In the process of designing all the areas and workplaces, we strived to create an entirely new environment that is both conducive to and inspiring. We used the main colors of the brand, a number of references linking to tourism in the form of maps, various stickers and graphic elements.

2 months later the result is a fresh, welcoming and spacious offices with lots of accents, plants and smiling happy people. All this, of course, would not have happened if our clients were not so attentive to detail, strict to adhering to the approved design and extremely precise in adding the small details. Because everything lies in the details.

project - 3d rendering

completed project - photos